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Cologne Professor

Cologne Class is in session fellas! Listen closely, this is going to be the best free advice you can get!  - Professor Cologne

Women's favorite cologne

Listen up fellas! I'm sick and tired of reading email after email asking what cologne women like the best. They don't make smell of money cologne yet; so keep dreaming. I have a certain list of colognes that I call "action in a bottle." These "action" scents are something the ladies cannot resist and they will literally rip off your clothes. There are 10000's of scents out there that will attract hot women, I'm going to list 5 of my favorite "action in a bottle" frangrances.

1. Giogio Armani Acqua Di Gio Cologne

2. Davidoff Cool Water Cologne

3. Joop NightFlight Cologne

4. Kenneth Cole Black Cologne

5. Carolina Herrera Aqua Cologne


Remember fellas a couple sprays will go a long way. Do everybody a favor and use cologne in moderation, nobody likes a smelly old spice model!



By: Professor Cologne
Cologne & Fashion Correspondent - Every other Friday


Calvin Klein Cologne History


An Introduction to Calvin Klein Menís Cologne


Calvin Klein is one of the worldís leading lifestyle design and marketing companies. Calvin Kleinís headquarters is located in New York and it has extended its worldwide operations to Milan, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Calvin Klein designs a range of lifestyle products to be marketed worldwide through an extensive global network.


Calvin Klein makes a very strong fashion statement in the menís cologne segment. Being one of the leading brands in menís cologne, Calvin Klein bears the hallmark of quality and delicacy. Every product of Calvin Klein in the menís cologne category is produced with utmost care and commitment. Smart, sophisticated, urban and stylish men have chosen Calvin Klein cologne as their primary preference.


Cologne, a type of light perfume that originated in Cologne, Germany is different for its typical concentration of about 2-5% essential oils. It is produced with utmost care. It includes best quality compositors which is a mixture of citrus oils, namely, lemon oils, orange oils, tangerine oils, bergamot oils, lime oils, grapefruit oils, and neroli. Other oils like oils of lavender, rosemary, thyme, petitgrain (orange leaf), and jasmine are also present in smaller percentages.


History of Cologne


Cologne as a spirit-citrus perfume was invented by Giovanni Maria Farina (1685-1766), a perfumer from Santa Maria Maggiore Valle Vigezzo, Italy, and was launched in 1709 in Germany. He wanted his new found product to have the odor of an Italian spring morning after the rain.


Giovanni Maria Farinaís formula has remained a trade secret still today. The term ďcologneĒ now bears a generic connotation.


At the onset, the fragrance of the cologne invented by Giovanni Maria Farina was something very new in contrast to the sultry, sweet fragrances in vogue at that time. Uniqueness lent by Giovanni Maria Farina to the product made it famous around the world. It was much sought after in Germany in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Cologne now has become synonymous with Ďlight fragranceí.


Calvin Klein Menís Cologne enhances personality


Calvin Kleinís menís cologne is overtly distinct in its fragrance. It enhances the userís personality. It stands apart by the sheer virtue of its uniqueness and fragrance. The menís cologne range of products from Calvin Klein successfully meets the stringent quality control standards.


Calvin Kleinís menís cologne range does not have any harmful chemical agents. This cologne is a perfect mixture of fragrant essential oils, aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents. It is also mild and gentle on the skin.


The making Menís Cologne


Cologne, historically symbolizes the sensuous and passionate traits in men. But producing a range of perfect cologne is not an easy job. The exact formula and process of making cologne are kept secret for business principles. The production entails a lot of effort on the part of the manufactures. Moreover it is essential that the product is commercially viable. Choosy and informed men can identify the ingredients and origins of cologne just as a coffee tester knows his coffee.


Cologneís are categorized according to their concentration levels, the family they belong to, and how long the fragrance lasts. At the time of making it is necessarily diluted with a solvent because undiluted oils (natural or synthetic) used as agent contain high concentrations of volatile components, which have the potential to cause allergic reactions and possibly injury when applied directly to skin. It is observed that solvents also vaporize the essential oils, helping them to diffuse into the air. The most widely used solvent used to dilute the oils for the making of cologne happens to be ethanol, or a mixture of ethanol and water. The process of dilution can also be done by using solvents like jajoba, fractionated coconut oil or wax. The type of menís cologne that maintains a balance of 2-5% aromatic compounds is called perfect cologne. Calvin Klein menís cologne maintains this balance all through its process.


Calvin Klein cologne is fresh, spirited and adventurous. The range exhibits feisty fragrances that capture man's desire for freedom to break away from the boundaries of everyday life. The fragrance is inspired by the delight of falling in love, radiant with pleasure, filled with the ecstasy of promise and discovery. Calvin Klein menís cologne is a classic, refreshing scent that's invigorating and noticeably masculine with a cool, crisp edge and a warm woo makes a sensual, intimate statement with an aroma so subtle, that someone special would have to get very close to locate this tantalizing scent. The fragrances are contemporary and refreshing and are some of the brands are meant to be used lavishly.


Calvin Klein Menís Cologne CK Be, CK One, Eternity fragrances and many more scents. <click here>


By: Professor Cologne
Cologne & Fashion Correspondent - Every other Friday

Cologne Gift Set 411


What is a cologne gift set?


A cologne gift set is generally a decorative packet or a box which contains several preferred articles. It is loved by the person who receives it. Typically a gift set is decorated tastefully so as to give the impression that for whom the gift is aimed at is surely and certainly a person cared for. It is an established fact that gift is an idea or message that emanates the belief of thinking for someone else.


A cologne gift set is endowed with various sorts of perfume that ranges in right measurement to give a desired stunning effect to the personality of the individual for whom the gift set is intended. A favorite men's cologne gift set bears a royal look after a good and attractive packing. A favorite men's cologne gift set is the right gift for successful men with delicate and fine tastes.


With the advent of new, innovative, art-oriented packaging technique, the prevalent idea of packaging has got a new lease of life. Surely and certainly the idea of packing a gift set is recent. The stakes are high in packaging industry. Gift wrapping gets a new high and is steadily becoming popular because of human emotions attached to gifts and associated special occasions.


Compositions of a Favorite Men's Cologne Gift Set


The favorite men's cologne is associated with power of masculinity and sensuality. Successful men love to indulge in favorite men's cologne as part of their fashion and class. For men of emotions for whom achievement is the key to success a cologne gift set can be perfect that reflects his personality. He would love to be pampered with such a cologne gift set.


Favorite men's cologne gift set generally comprises of after shave lotions or balms, deodorant or deo sprays, perfume and cologne, miniature, shower gel, tester, eau de toilette (EDT), eau de cologne (EDC), eau de perfum (EDP) etc.


ē        Eau de Cologne (EDC or COL) refers to a perfume solution with about a 3% solution in an oil and water base. On the parameter of strength eau de cologne (EDC) is the lightest and does not burn a hole in budgeted pocket.

ē        Eau de Toilette (EDT) refers to a perfume solution with 3 to 8% compound in an oil and water base. On the parameter of strength eau de toilette (EDT) has intermediate strength and is moderately affordable for the favorite men's cologne connoisseurs.

ē        Eau de Parfum (EDP) refers to a perfume solution with about 10 to 15% compound and on the parameter of strength it is stronger than the Eau de Toilette (EDT).

ē        Perfume or Parfum refers to the highest concentration of fragrance oils, with a 25 to 50% compound, which makes it the most expensive of all fragrance types. Due to the optimum aromatic quality the scent of perfume lasts long.

ē        Cologne refers to the perfume made primarily from spirit-citrus oils. A power of masculinity is attached to the favorite men's cologne fragrances.


Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Estee Lauder, Hugo Boss and lots of other cologne gift sets. <click here>


By: Professor Cologne
Cologne & Fashion Correspondent - Every other Friday

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